Clap Your Hands
Pastor Steve
Psalms 47:0
June 24, 2018

[ Music ], attach the story is found in the book of songs. Not surprisingly, since we are in the songs of the sons of korah, where we are in psalm 47 today clap your hands while people's shout to God with loud songs of joy. For the Lord, the Most High is to be feared a great king over all the earth. He subdued peoples under us and Nations under our feet. He shows our heritage for us the pride of Jacob who he loves, God has grown up with a shout, the Lord, with the sound of a trumpet sing praises to God sing. Praises sing praises to our king sing praises for God is a king of all the earth sing praises with a song. God reigns over the nations. He sits on his holy throne. The princes of the people gather, as the people of God are the God of Abraham. For the shields of the earth belong to God, he is highly exalted. This is the word of the Lord father. As we investigate your word this morning, we ask that you would open our hearts to what you have to say to us today. Maybe we leave here committed to becoming a little more like Jesus Christ in his name, we pray and then you know a lot of different types of worship. Some people like to come to worship and when they enter into the fellowship hall of the sanctuary, they think of it as sanctuary, and we need to come in and be quiet and focused, and we hope that will be all hymns all the time. Others come in and they they come into the sanctuary, the remodeled gymnasium, and they want to have worked at high fives. You want talking to everybody and they're, hoping that the band strikes up the music. You can feel it reverberating through the walls of the building loud and fast and contemporary, and there are some people who just want silence. They just don't want news, but all of them have in common this when they come into church on the Sunday morning. They desire to worship, because worship is not an optional extra in the life of the believer. It is God's, do and it embraces all of our life. It embraces that which is old and that which is new and we are called to worship in God's children. Sometimes I wish to come with great enthusiasm and outward joy as song 47 says, clap your hands shout to God, and sometimes that worship is about who, God is sometimes it is about what he has done or is doing, and sometimes we worship Him because of what He will do, and that is the case in some 47 47 suggests - that we should worship healer away, which gets people's attention, clap your hands shout to God. Unfortunately, some Christians worship, as though our faith had given them a headache. The psalm 47 says: take some excedrin be done with the headache, clap and shout God is king, so shout clap your hands shout for joy, cheer, the great things which God has accomplished. This is actually an ascension song. We get this from verse, 5. An ascension song the song is, is a song, the sung when they became ascended to the throne, as the King took the throne and the crowds would gather around and they would sing a song 47 and commentators theologians believe that this song looks forward to the Ascension Of Christ, we saw that a little bit last week with the the sons of Korah. Have this idea that that it's not just about the time that they're writing, but also about the future and about the Ascension of Christ. With a great king over all the earth - and we anticipate this - the sound of trumpet and Jesus coming to earth, so we clap and we shout we get excited about the Ring of Christ. Students often get really excited about it near final exams, clapping shout and frankly, that's ended. Outside of my character. To put aside my inhibitions and openly express joy like that, there have been times frankly when the worship teams asked me not to clap with them. I can't figure it out, but if I close my eyes and I just clap when I want to clap everybody else, claps at a different time - maybe I'm 1 3 and they're two four, but whatever is my internal mechanism for clapping - is just all screwed up now. If we're clapping, because something really good happened - and I don't have to keep trying with that, but the openly expressed joy in the clap offers were playing a song, that's uncomfortable for me. I grew up in a in a church where clapping was was almost forbidden. It had to be really really exceptional piece of special music for people to clap afterwards, and I grew up a lot of years ago. So maybe that's changed everywhere, but clap your hands and shout only when I look forward to the return of Christ. His ascension to the throne as king of all of the earth, then I'm pretty sure I'm gon na clap and shout because the king of all the earth is awesome. The text says the Lord Most High is to be feared. Hears the sound of the trumpet in Christ descending hidden game be ready to ascending to heaven with his Saints, and we recognize that the great king of all the earth is on our side and we clap and shout that's the message of verses, 3 and 4. He subdued peoples under us and nations under our feet. He chose our heritage, our heritage for us prior to Jacob, whom he loves. The Great King has subdue peoples and nations under us. He has chosen us. He has made us victorious there's nothing like victory to get people all excited I've enjoyed watching the World Cup and will refer to this again a little bit. But I don't know if you watched yesterday's game between Germany and Sweden fascinating game the Swedes. I absolutely believe should have won the game. They missed that penalty kick and then there the ref missed calling the penalty. They should have been up to nothing at that point, but at the end of the game in soccer you have on injury time and they had five minutes of extra time and at ninety five minutes, that's in the very last 30 seconds of the game. Germany gets a free-kick and a score and an absolutely beautiful shot and the Germans went wild. They went absolutely nuts, they are on the verge of getting eliminated from the World Cup and they scored a 95th minute and they're going crazy, so crazy. They went in front of the Swedish team and they celebrated their and that's where this fight started. It was bad news for them to be celebrating in front of the swedish fish, and so he broke out and fight. Eventually, Germans apologize for that. But when you win, you want to celebrate, you want to say yeah, we did you wan na shout and clap. There is nothing like victory. Get to keep people all excited. We are. The chin appears. Our great king is the king of all the earth. We are the champions, not a grand junction, where the health of the universe, because our king is a great king to be most feared. You know, songs. Give us a lot of reasons to shout. Most of the time were called the shout for joy, some 30 to be glad in the Lord rejoice, o righteous and shout for joy. All of you, upright in heart, shout for joy now what I don't know what we're supposed to say there, but we're gon na. Just put one in here so when I say shout, let's say hallelujah, I know this, isn't that tradition, but you know bear with me the scripture says we're supposed to shop so just today. Okay, just for today, let's shout a little bit shots of joy shop for joy, the word or your righteous praises is about oh boy, shout for joy. Shuffle Geordie got all the earth we shout for joy, every good edge. We forget dig that when it's up it sounds every knee shall bow every tongue confess that we will meet him in the air and we will be pumping our fists in glorious victory. The great and powerful king over all the earth is awe-inspiring and he is on our side. It'S like when you're picking teams, you know who the best player is the best players, typically the ones who get to choose and they're. Looking at me saying: okay, you know I want you, you want me LeBron James he's gon na pick you to be on his team. He'S got Steph Curry on his team. Also - and you know, there's no way that you're gon na lose in this little pickup game because of who's on your side, some twenty says shop for joy over your. I submit that. Sometimes we forget the joy of salvation. We take it for granted, but our salvation came at a high cost across the free ourselves could not bear. We shout a shot of satisfaction and security. Some some 71 says my lips will shout for joy at praising praises you, my soul, also wish you every Dean. Shout for joy, son is filled with me. The redemption of our souls is a great is worthy of a great shout unto God Psalm 30:5 says let those who delight in my righteousness shout for joy, be glad and say, or greater, the lord who delights in the welfare of his servant. Two more reasons to shout because god is righteous and he delights in our welfare. The righteousness of God is no small thing. Our great king over all the earth is righteous. We may not understand the ways of God and at times it may seem as though evil is winning out, but the Lord, the Most High. The Great King, is righteous and will put things in the end, so we shout, but we don't just shout. The Lord has got his kings, so we also sing look at verses, 6 and 7 sing praises to God. Sing praises seem phrases to our king sing praises for God, as the king of all the earth sing praises with a song sing praise us. I know some of us don't really like singing the song. He probably shouldn't ever sing in front of people. Some of us can't carry a tune unless it comes in a bucket, I'm sort of ashamed of our voices that key happened to me some time ago. I think it was Sharon's birthday; actually, it was somebody's birthday was on stage. That'S why I think it was yours and I decided to lead happy birthday, and then I heard it on tape. It was like, oh man, who is that awful voice, and that was me. I don't know what happened that day, but it had to be one of the worst renditions of happy birthday in history and it was broadcast on the internet right. So I wanted to hide in my office and never come back out. I was off tune. I was croaky and I was ashamed. I'M sorry, I didn't do you justice with happy birthday. I decided that day. You do something which you know I didn't sit with. I decided I wouldn't sing in public again I wasn't gon na break out a song in the middle of the sermon, because, oh how they just started Sohail. The problem is that I couldn't stick with it, because, when I think of the great awesomeness of our God, I will sing praises and I'd rather sing and be a little bit embarrassed than to keeps silent and ignore the teaching of Scripture sing praises. The Bible never tells us to sing in perfect harmony. It never says to sing in perfect tune. It says, make a joyful noise. Sometimes that's all I can make it says. Sing praises just hear sing, praises, sing, praises sing, praises sing, praises sing, praises five times in two verses. We are told to sing praises. Maybe we should do that sing praises for God is the king of all the earth sing praises with a song. That'S an interesting conclusion to the idea of singing praises and actually, if you are into Hebrew, which you probably shouldn't be you know, there's there are about 6,000 words in the Greek New Testament. That'S 6,000 different words in the Greek New Testament. There are 6,000 words in the Hebrew text, which are only used one time. It'S like an impossible language to learn, but you can look it up and comment or you can find some interesting tidbits and one interesting tidbit, which is probably in the footnote of your Bible, is that the word translated psalm in this verse is the one which we've Seen before in the songs of the sons of korah, but we've seen it in the introduction to the psalm 42 Psalm 44 and Psalm 45. Here it is snuck its way inside the test that the text is a sing praises with a mass kill, a song with a purpose. A teaching song sing, theologically full songs, sing praises with the intent to teach, not surprisingly, the songs, the songs, most of which were set to music, encouraged us to sing time and time again the songs. We sing speak to our core believers, so Psalm 56. I will sing of your strength. I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning'. God is strong and He loves us, so we sing about it. Some 59. I was seeing praises to you for you, O God, on my fortress, the God, who shows me steadfast love. Last week we looked at psalm 46, which repeated the theme and caused Luther to write. A mighty fortress is our God. Psalm 67 says let the nation's be glad and sing for joy. You for you, judge the people's with equity and guide the nations upon the earth. The standards of right and wrong seem to fluctuate merely with each generation with each election cycle. The application of the law seems to be rather arbitrary and some people seem to get away with stuff that, while others are imprisoned for the same thing or lesser crimes, there is no equity in the judgments of mankind. But we sing for joy because the king of all the earth judges with equity - he is fair. We sing for joy because he is strong and loving and fair a couple of other songs which call us to sing Psalm 89. I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord forever with my mouth. I will make known your faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 92, for you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work at the work of your hands. I sing for joy, Psalm. 98. Oh sing for the Lord, a new song, for he has done marvelous things his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him in psalm 119. My tongue will sing of your word for all your Commandments are right, for he is strong. He is loving. He is fair, he is faithful, he has done marvelous things and he has made himself known through his word. We sing a new song, make a joyful noise, because the Lord is good sing. Praises sing, praises sing, praises to our King sing praises for the God, for God is the king of all the earth sing praises with a song. It doesn't have to be a worthy of a recording contract. It just has to come from the heart in celebration of God sing of the shower, because everybody sounds better in the shower and what we can hear yet, except for God, into his ears. Your songs in tune out of tune not even qualifying as a tune. Your songs are beautiful in his ears and his ears of the older ones. That really matter, God is king, so we shout got his king, so we sing the smarting watching the World Cup. England was playing Panama and I didn't get up quite early enough and besides I don't, I don't, have cable, so I had to wash the spanish-language station of the soccer game I came in and England. It was like only 20 minutes into the game. England was already up three nothing. The game was already over 20 minutes into it, but I'm watching because I really enjoy soccer and and England by half by half time at 45-minute point is up five. Nothing I mean they are just massacring Panama and the second half opens and and England's got the ball and and they're just dinking around in the backfield they're they're, not even trying to score another goal because they don't have to and their didn't. You know I'm looking at thinking. Okay, England just doesn't want to get hurt. Yeah. I watched that German guy get kicked in the face. Yesterday broke break, his nose on you know, didn't happen there just pass them back and forth and panel I'll. Just let them do it and they're passing back and forth a just about kind of February. This is the rest of the game. They'Re not going to do anything else on England pushes it forward scores another goal: it's six! Nothing! Six! Nothing in soccer is like a football game. Words 42 to nothing. It is an absolute massacre. Now, I'm watching because I enjoy, I enjoy the strategy of it and I'm watching them pass back and forth them and at the 83rd minute he was Panama, scored. Now a soccer game goes to 90 minutes plus injury time so 83 is there are seven minutes left in the game, they're down six, nothing and they score and the class [ Music ]. That'S easy. It'S really really easy to shout and sing because our God is the king of all the earth, but the end of Psalm 47. Something amazing happens. The slowness turns his high towards the Ascension of Christ when he is upon that throne, and he says God reigns over the nation's. He sits on his holy throne. The princes of the peoples gathered together as the people of the God of Abraham for the shields of the earth belonged to God there. After all, the shopping and singing all the earth submits to God, and that my friends is the hard part, it's easy to shout to sing for joy when there's a momentary, a glimmer of hope that your team can at least not be blanked God his King. So we submit, God reigns over the nation's. He sits on his holy throne, the princess of the people gathering. They gather as the people of the God of Abraham. The shields of the earth belong to God. There is submission, but if our God is the king of all the earth, we ultimately have to submit to him a significant theme in these two verses. When we see God sitting upon his throne as a holy foam, it emphasizes his holiness. He sits there while the princes of the peoples gathered together as the people of the God of Abraham. Here is the sons of korah again looking forward to the reign of Christ, they're looking forward to to Christ on earth and the inclusion of Gentiles into the people of God. He they look forward to that great incoming time when people from every tribe and every nation and every people group gather together before the throne of God and submit to him. They don't gather nearly as casual observers. They gather as the people of the God of Abraham. This is not something reserved for those of Jewish heritage; it is something for us. The psalm looks forward to that time when the Gentiles join together with Israel and the worship of God. The princes of the people gather together as the people of the God of Abraham Peter wrote. We are a part of a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession. Once we were not a people. What now we are God's people once we had not received mercy, but now we have received mercy and we will gather together in at the foot of the holy throne in submission to the king of all the earth. This theological truth comes bursting forth. God is king. The only real king, the only real king of the entire world, and if God is the universal King, then all peoples, no matter how diverse are fundamentally one as we sit in front of the throne of Christ. There is one king worshipped by one people, one earth, one land and we submit the text closes. The shield's of the earth belong to God. He is highly exalted now. If you're reading from a different version may very well say the kings of the earth belong to. God, that's an interesting translation decision that I, the translators, have to grapple with. When you come to this point, because the the term there is used other places and translated as Kings and some place translated is as shields, and it seems that this used interchangeably the shield being a symbol of authority and they give that authority to God. He is the king or all the earth, so we shout he's king over all the earth, so we sink. Most importantly is this: he is king over all the earth, so we submit to him following his rule, obeying his law being faithful to him. We submit to you, along with all of God's people, clap your hands shout for joy, our God, our God is king over all the earth. Let'S our gracious father, we want to say hallelujah. You are king of all the earth. We want to sing for joy. What is sing praises that are acceptable to you, even if our voice sounds like a frog, mostly Lord Jesus, as we anticipate your ascension to the eternal throne we want to, and we choose to submit to you to bow before you to be your people. Doing your will until that great and coming day, amen now. May God cause you to walk with Him in such a way that you know every day that you are his beloved his chosen? They are his children that you wouldn't know it so much that you want to shout. Do you want to sing and you'll always submit to him? Did your honor Lord of Christ, amen, [, Music, ], [, Music, ]